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The Wheeler Dealers (1963)

Actor: James Garner,Lee Remick,Jim Backus,Pat Crowley,Phil Harris,Chill Wills,Charles Watts,Elliott Reid,Louis Nye,Robert Strauss,John Astin,Pat Harrington, Jr.,Joey Forman,Howard McNear,John Marley,Charles Lane,Alan Sues,Eleanor Audley,James Doohan,Bernie Kopel
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: George J.W. Goodman,Ira Wallach,George J.W. Goodman
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Henry J. Tyroone leaves Texas, where his oil wells are drying up, and arrives in New York with a lot of oil money to play with in the stock market. He meets stock analyst Molly Thatcher, who tries to ignore the lavish attention he spends on her but ...