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Nazi Love Camp 27 (1977)

La svastica nel ventre, Living Nightmare

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Actor: Sirpa Lane,Giancarlo Sisti,Christiana Borghi,Piero Lulli,Roberto Posse,Gianfilippo Carcano,Marzia Ubaldi,Renata Moar,Isabella Russo,Mike Morris,Sarah Crespi,Margherita Horowitz,Gaetano Russo,Giovanni Di Benedetto,Gudrun Gundelach,Gloria Piedimonte,Gianfra
Director: Mario Caiano,Eduardo Salerno
Writer: Mario Caiano,Gianfranco Clerici,Sandro Amati,Gianfranco Clerici
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A Jewish girl and an Aryan, both German, are in love in pre-war times. WW2 breaks out, he is sent to fight for the Nazi flag and she is arrested and sent to serve as a prostitute in camp 27 where disobedience is punishable only by death! She decides to give her body in order to survive hoping that one day she may tell the world what she have seen.