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Mission Thunderbolt (1983)

Actor: Jonathan Stierwald,Michael Chan,Steve Daw,Chen Kuan-Tai,Summer Dora,Tina Matchett,Phillip Ko Fei,John Ladalski,Melisa Tayor,Phoenix Chu,Shih Chung-Tien,Wong Kwok-Leung,Jacky Yeung Tak-Ngai,Grand Anderson,Chung Chin Kuei
Director: Godfrey Ho
Writer: Godfrey Ho,Stephen So
Runtime: N/A
Quantity: HD
IMDb Vote: N/A

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Explosive early Hong Kong actioner about a mysterious criminal known as the White Tycoon, who hires three top assassins to help him eliminate his rivals in two local mobs, the Scorpions and the Serpents.